Grocery List Extravaganza!

Today I had someone tell me that to get more people interested in my grocery list offerings, I should add variety to the meals I posted. #girlbye



I love ya’ll but thank u, next!

She shared that she loved my content but she’s not sure she could eat eggs with spinach and a waffle every single day.

I responded, “That’s why I have an option to create the grocery list TOGETHER. Just because I eat the same thing each day doesn’t mean I have zero knowledge of any other food or that I’m unable to dive into the interests of others and help them build their grocery list with or without Weight Watchers points and help them shop.”

She then responded, “Right but you’re trying to market a service. Your content is your market.” I shared that the sales page would outline all the details but thanks for looking out.”

I guess that wasn’t the response she was after since I’ve since been blocked LOL we were that bothered I guess.

My point here is that even though I eat the same shit day in and day out, do I expect you to? HECK NO.

52309308_244383519832720_8900998294197501952_nBut guess what? We are all humans–we get to make our OWN choices–we are allowed to go in spurts of what we desire to eat. Shit, when I was teaching I had SmartOnes for lunch every damn day. If I can go home on lunch with my new job now and cook me some eggs with spinach and I love breakfast that much, that I want to eat it every single day then let a girl eat her damn eggs. #DUH I very publicly share what has worked for me and if you have a problem with that, that’s on YOU. #notsorry

There were days back in 2014, “Salads by Chelsea” was a thing. How many of ya’ll remember my ground turkey and spinach with balsamic glaze from Wegmans? You da real MVP if you’ve been here since then.

50503837_226919898245749_2914784322844098560_nRegardless, I’d love to explore what you’re interested in eating with or without WW points and we can build your grocery list together. Going into the store without a plan and then having to figure out WW points on top of it all legit sends my anxiety into OVERDRIVE. I know how overwhelming it is especially if you’re attempting the grocery store on the weekends. #GODBLESS

My heart feels so so full when I know that I can help someone better their life even if it’s as something as simple as creating a grocery list together. I’ve been on this journey for over a year and have learned a thing or two about which tortilla shells SLAY not only in the kitchen but on WW points too 😉

46131270_181430346128038_1930362562877063168_nIn addition, my acai bowl recipe is pretty KICK ASS and if I do say so myself I’ve mastered this whole eating out on plan thing. Am I perfect? NO. Do I claim to be an expert? Also NO. Did I once hate grocery shopping with a PASSIOn and figuring out the points sent me into panic mode? Also yes. Do I want to take the guess work out for you and make your life easier? HECK YES.

So shut up already and take your money already right?

LIKE THIS IS SUCH GOOD SHIT. There are THREE different options so here we go!

Option A:

  • Build your grocery list (WW points or NOT!) with me based on what YOU want to eat via Zoom or FaceTime (no time limit here, woo!)
  • You need photos of my staples? I’ll send those too girl! (hey visual learners, I see you!)
  • Ya want to snap me while you’re grocery shopping and check points? I GOTCHU.
  • Acai bowl recipe and instructional step-by-step guide–HECK YES!
  • Eating out on WW plan (Yes Chick-Fil-A & Subway are on here, YUM!)
  • Plus 30 minutes to pick my brain on ANYTHING– WW, weightloss, fitness, okay fine we can talk dating too 😉 **This is a separate call from building your grocery list**

Once payment is received, I will email you to setup a time to SLAY the grocery list game together. SO LET’S DO THE DAMN THING!!

Option A: Build your grocery list together + 30 minutes of support


Option B:

  • I’ll send you my pre-made grocery list (WW points or not) with pics of my staples
  • We will do a 15 minute call where you can pick my brain on ANYTHING WW, weightloss, fitness, and even dating 😉
  • Please note: Acai Bowl Recipe and eating out guide are not included here**
  • Grocery list will be sent no later than on Sunday March 3

Option B: Premade grocery list & 15 minutes support


Option C:

  • Pre-made grocery list ONLY (WW points or not) categorized by meals
  • Grocery list will be sent no later than on Sunday March 3rd

Option C: Premade grocery list ONLY


If you have specific questions feel free to email me:

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