I’m really doing this!


TOTAL SINCE FEB. 6th: 14.4 =))))


(Just take a look at what 15 pounds of fat looks like, that was fun!)


It’s so crazy to me to think that the last time I did this in 2011, it took me FOUR MONTHS to lose 13.8 and now I’ve already crushed that in ONE MONTH. Okay, okay, so I’m sure going to the gym for 2 hours everyday might help ; ) I’m just shocked because I took a day off from the gym on Tuesday. I don’t think anyone understands what a mind game I play with myself in wagering whether or not I can take a day off. My drive from school is about 40 minutes and I changed my mind about every 2 minutes. I’m not doing the math, but you know what I mean. I’m really hard on myself as far as skipping the gym and maybe that’s because I know how good it feels afterwards. 

I’ve gotten many compliments this week at school as far as people being able to tell my progress. I can tell from the simple things, such as my clothes are getting baggier and I should really buy a new pair of pants. But in my mind, it’s like “Well, why don’t you wait just a little bit longer so then it will be really worth it.” I think I need to start setting mini-goals. Have you ever set mini-goals for yourself? I mean I guess they’re not “mini” but they will be rewards along the way. After my first weigh-in I bought a new sports bra and exercise pants. It feels good to reward myself with clothes purchases instead of food!

Now I must say last Saturday night I went to Barnes and Noble and did treat myself to some Starbucks (it was an iced coffee and a cookie) but that’s because everyone deserves a cheat/treat here and there. If I cut myself off completely then this is just not going to work. I know that I’m making better choices than I used to. I figure that as much as I do work out, like 2 hours everyday, I pretty much burn it off. Plus, when you have something you haven’t had in a really long time, it tastes so much better and you savor it!

At the meeting this morning, (I went at 7:30 because the 9:30 time is actually getting too late. By the time I go to the meeting, the gym, come home it’s almost 2pm and my entire day is gone! Where as right now it’s only 9:30 and I’m going to go for a run outside soon!) they talked about planning ahead your meals and routines and well I guess that is perfect timing because I will be flying back to Buffalo Thursday night! I already have it in my head that Thursday will have to be my day off from the gym. Friday night I plan on weighing in at my old center with my very first leader. I can also go to Planet Fitness at home because I got the black card. SCORE! It’s super encouraging that all of my “Weight-loss services” are also available in Buffalo. I didn’t realize it when I was signing up for all of these things but I can easily mold my habits I have here into the time when I’m in Buffalo.  : )

I guess I’ve always been hard on myself but it feels so good to finally be in control and changing myself. I set my phone background to this picture because it motivates me to find who I really am regardless of how long it takes. One week at a time I will get there and losing really is winning! I’ve heard so many people say, “Oh, I wish I could do that!” Well, you can. Making those small changes lead to something big. I mean I think about how much I’ve changed my diet and eating better. Not to mention, I RAN THREE MILES THIS WEEK! I’m about to go find a 3 mile route outside with MapMyRun! Leave your comments and inspiration below. They mean so much to me =)



5 thoughts on “I’m really doing this!

  1. Chelsea!!! This is so awesome and so encouraging. I want to change my body for the better so it’s healthier and this is such great encouragement:) Keep up the great work!

  2. Chelsea!! This is such great encouragement!!!! Keep up the good work. I want to start losing weight to take better care of my body and this is a great inspiration:) You’re awesome!!

  3. Hey girl ironically it’s Robyn from Canisius lol. But I run a weight loss blog too. It’s ThatFitGirl on Tumblr. Anyway you’re really doing great and I just wanted to give you some feedback. As far as mini goals go I do this for every five pounds. You have to! When you’re used to treating yourself with food for something you have to change that habit and treat yourself with something else. Not to mention that the money you save by preparing meals and not grabbing crap anywhere you want it, you deserve to buy yourself something! Little motto I always tell myself “I’m not a dog, so food isn’t really a treat.”

    Like you said it’s great to treat yourself once in a while. Just make sure you’re tracking. I do myfitnesspal on my iPhone but keep up with tracking in your weight watchers log. My rule of thumb is that as long as I stay in my daily calorie goal (and also adding your extra weekly points) then there is nothing wrong with cheating.

    Keep going girl! You’re doing great 🙂

  4. Hey Chels! I clicked on your page and got sucked into this 🙂 I started running over the winter and already the change it has made in my body and in my life has been incredible. I’m admire what you are doing and I understand how much work it is! Hang in there and if you ever want to chat strategies let me know 🙂

    Xo Katie

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