Holy Instagram!

As of 11:20 pm tonight, I have gained a total of 645 followers on Instagram and 318 likes on the transformation picture below. HOLY COW. I never thought that when I made my Instagram account, it would end up like this! Thanks to the page titled “wesweat” they shared my transformation picture this morning and my page has blown up! So many people were commenting and asking me how I stay motivated/workout routine type questions. People were actually telling me that I MOTIVATED THEM!


I must share a little blurb I wrote on a previous Instagram picture when I was proud about a current run I completed…..”I went from zero to my own hero.” Hearing my fastest paces today meant so much more than a number. This run took me on an emotional journey. I was reminded how I literally came from nothing at a disgusting 214 pounds. I was beyond miserable, had no motivation, and the thought of running any distance made me nauseous. I consumed my feelings with food. Since turning my life around in February, I’ve lost 35 pounds (more to go of course!) I find every fitness endeavor an accomplishment, the ability to completely change to healthier eating habits is a true test of my willpower. I have more energy and a brand new confidence. There are always going to be struggles but as much as you want to quit, never ever give up. Persistence is keyI am definitely not the same person I was 9 months ago but I couldn’t be happier. Thanks to friends, family, and my amazing boyfriend who keep me going when the going gets tough. ❤Now that’s a transformation and something to be proud of if I do say so myself!”

As far as how I stay motivated, I just think about how far I have come on this journey. It’s been SEVEN MONTHS. I have NOT stopped, sure I may have taken a day off here and there from the gym but I never let myself give up. When you believe you have the power to make a change within yourself and you want it that bad you will see results. I definitely did not start my gym routine the way it is now. (I belong to Planet Fitness) Currently I do between 10-15 minutes on the ARC trainer with a resistance of 25 and incline of 15. Then I complete the 30 minute circuit. I have to give credit to my trainer from North Carolina because he helped me perfect my circuit routine. THANKS ELAND =D You have to do what works for you. I can’t tell you what exercise routine you should complete, that’s for you to decide. All I know is the high-intensity of my one minute cardio exercises within the circuit and the weight training is successful.

Now for those of you that asked how I stay motivated, I thought of some things that keep me going….

The simple fact that I never ever want to weigh what I weighed EVER AGAIN. I was so disgusted with myself and how I felt, something had to be done.

When you’re no longer out of breath from walking up the stairs, you’ll want to keep going.

When you can clean out your closet with those clothes that are “too big.”

Fitting into medium shirts and size 14 jeans!

I want to look absolutely bombshell gorgeous in a wedding dress someday. It’s supposed to be the happiest day of your life so why not feel and look your best!?

Basically, I know what I looked like in high school and I know that each workout and healthier decision is making a difference in order to get me where I want to be. You also have to trust the process. The weight did not appear overnight so it’s definitely not going away in a hurry. Just don’t get too focused on the number. Someone today posted on my Instagram that they lost 25 pounds and had about 109 pounds to go. If I focused on a number or how many more pounds I wanted to lose, I would lose my mind. I take it one week at a time. I put in all the effort I can and don’t get obsessive over the scale. Our bodies go through so many changes and you can’t beat yourself up over a bad weigh-in or dwell on mistakes. Just do better next time and own it. What happens, happens and it is what it is, just get back on that grind! I’ve become more proud of how much I’ve accomplished instead of worrying about a future number. Once you are in the correct mental state, you can push yourself to do anything. I mean that in the most positive of ways. There are countless days where I wake up and I’d rather lie in bed for a few hours but then I remind myself how freakin’ good I feel after I just kicked some major ass at the gym. Once you find those accomplishments that make you happy, you can set your mind to anything. “No matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping everyone on the couch.”

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