From the teacher’s desk

me in front of roomHow is it that I left NY exactly one month ago today?! I can’t believe that! I still am so so happy with how the trip down here went: the fact that I was able to break it up AND visit my very good friend Taffy. Yes, people ask me all the time. That is her real name 🙂 I hope to fly back and see her again some time soon. ❤ That was literally the best weekend in a long long time and I now know that Charlotte may not have worked out with the charter school BUT I was meant to find her even if we were only coworkers for a month, haha!

My living situation is still the same, I wrote a post on Insta this AM (@chelsearunshappy) about how I can’t really do anything until pay day or figure out what the game plan is until then so I’m just doing what I can with what I have until then 🙂 At least that’s my new MO and what I keep telling myself! 🙂


I did check my horoscope today well I do most days but this quote stuck out to me,

But life may place you on your knees now so that you can understand that receiving means being an equal.

I’m not TOTALLY on my knees because I am blessed to have a roof over my head and running water and access to food which there are people in this world who are not that fortunate.

I do find myself getting homesick here and there on the weekends, or if I’m driving and a song or something triggers me, I’ll tear up for 2.2 seconds but don’t let myself stay there LONG. Last Saturday was my first big crying fit/mental breakdown but then I realized it was just that time of the month so we good now! 🙂 I knew I wasn’t a weak ass bitch, LOL!

I try and fill my time with going to the gym, spin, driving to Fort Myers (I live 30 minutes outside of Fort Myers in the boonies AKA Lehigh Acres) Today for example, I lounged around this morning, went to the gym, brought stuff to shower and now I have been sitting at Starbucks for 2 hours 🙂 It just makes more sense that way instead of driving home then driving back out….

Yesterday was the first day of school WOOP WOOP!! But I have been in my classroom for over two weeks and attending all the trainings! I wanted to show you all some before and after pics of my classroom, first! I swear all I have done since I moved here is cleaned and organized or well that’s all I’ve been doing since June but I know the end is near and everything will be the way I want it 100 very very soon!

Here are some before pics:


back wall



unnamed copy




I think there needs to be a TV show: HOARDERS: Teacher edition: I am attached to everything and forgot the internet existed. I found curriculum books from WAY before I was born. We are talking like 1970s. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF PINTEREST or TPT? I mean we have a curriculum but that has extensive resources as well and I’ll get cut if I use pinterest or TPT (not really BAHAHA) BUT the things I found, my mind is blown!

Here are some updates and progress!





reading corner



outside name tags

After yesterday, I can tell there is one who is going to give me a run for my money but there is always one, am I right?! LOL. I already know what seats I need to move Monday morning but I actually knew that within the first two hours. #notsorry Other than that, they are going to be a great group! I have THREE chatty boys. I can see exactly where they sit and we are gonna squash that on Monday REAL quick. I also am going to make a new behavioral chart because we do have a system in place at school, we give students school money as a reward system but I am going to go back to what worked for me in Raleigh. A sample of what I am thinking about is below 🙂


I’m also blessed to be part of an amazing team and it’s safe to say I made some new friends! After the first day of school yesterday we went and got some Mexican ice cream with their kids and it was a great social thing for me to do. It sounds silly but I could have easily gone home after a long first day, so glad I decided to stick around. I’m excited to get the year rolling and moving within the next month is the goal! Oh also going to T Swift next weekend and my birthday is coming up on the 22nd too! EXCITING THINGS AHEAD ❤ Thanks for your continued support on my journey fam! ❤

Journey to the Sunshine State

Well hello beautiful people! I can’t believe it has been over a year since my last blog. That’s unreal to me. So much has changed since then but I’m not recapping over a year in this blog right now so let’s just fast forward real quick to the here & now 🙂

If you did not know, I left Buffalo, NY on July 11th to start my trek to Fort Myers, FL where I will be teaching second grade. Gosh typing out makes it sound so easy BAHAHA. I know, I know, I did this TWO years ago when I went to Charlotte and that didn’t necessarily pan out but we can’t focus on the past or taint this experience because of that. #mindset.

Okay so the journey here let’s discuss. I took the seats out of my car and only took the essentials. AND YES I SOLD MY BED ON MONDAY AND I MOVED WEDNESDAY #bossstatus


If you need someone to pack up your house in 3 days and fit it in a PT Cruiser, I am your girl! That was one of the most stressful things I did and I lost a lot of sleep those 3 days because I am a procrastinator but damn I purged a bunch of shit and only brought the essentials which felt GREAT! 🙂

SO first stop was Carlisle, PA for a car show that my dad and sister go to every year (Wed-Sat) and last time I attended was when I went to Charlotte in 2016 but went for a few years as a kid too. My dad had his 1969 Road Runner in the survivor tent and this year he trailed his car with his new 2018 RAM truck and I was so happy for him! Normally he drives his 91 Ram Charger and the trailer is not a fan of that. He kept saying how he could have kept driving to FL it was so easy, LOL!

dads cars

The morning we left my sister texted me something along the lines of, “Hey let’s get tats in PA” and I legit texted her back, “ARE YA NUTS” well needless to say we spent that 5 hour drive creating our matching tat and well here ya go 🙂 I could write an entire blog about how we came up with this so stay tuned! Hers says, “I’ll keep you wild” and mine says, “I’ll keep you safe” and well that’s self-explanatory as I am the more reserved, conservative one and my sister is well…the wild child 😉


I left PA Saturday morning at 8AM and headed to visit my good friend Taffy in Charlotte, NC! When I left for Charlotte in 2016 my dad cried and it literally broke me so I told both my dad and sister, NO CRYING. Here is our way too early selfie, LOL!

Leaving PA

The drive to Charlotte said 7 hours and 20 minutes and I knew I would be fine because I did just do this TWO years ago. Ironically I stopped at the same Dunkin’ Donuts in Maryland from exactly TWO years ago. I drove from PA-MD-VA-WV and I made it to Taffy’s outside of Charlotte about 5:15PM.

Our entire trip may have revolved around food but I ain’t even mad about it 🙂 She makes me laugh until I cry and I am so blessed to even have met her! Our last night was my favorite as we went to Pinky’s (which has been on Diner’s, Drive Ins and Dives) and then blasted Barenaked Ladies, “The Old Apartment” as we went to see my old apartment LOL along with the most epic car snap karaoke on the drive home. Thanks so much for the hospitality Taffy, LOVE YOU ❤

Taffy and I

I left Charlotte 7AM on Monday to start my 10 1/2 hour trek to THE SUNSHINE STATE. Shoutout to Taffy for documenting my drive off. If I’m being honest, this is when I was the most nervous because well I was prepared for the Charlotte Drive but had no idea what to expect on my drive to Florida and I just have one thing to say: IT WAS LONGAF. I am so so glad I left at 7AM because I did not pull up to my new place until almost 8:45PM.

Leaving NC

I think I stopped for gas 3 or 4 times? It is all a blur right now BAHAHA. All that matters is that I made it here. AM I RIGHT? Well, if you do not know, I found this couple on craigslist that I am living with, I’m just renting a room from them and I skyped like over an hour with them initially on June 15th. They told me they had 1 dog and 2 cats. I got here and there is 1 dog and FOUR cats. Legit the night I got here they were all in my room and I took this video panning the bedroom and I legit felt like the crazy cat lady. I cried a lot that night. The first night is always the hardest. Trust me, you know I love cats but FOUR plus a dog, I am just so so overwhelmed! Peep them all over my bag the first night. All I did the first night was bring in my bedding and shower.




If you have not seen my snaps or Insta story documenting my journey here so far basically they are slobs. When I talked with them via Skype I do remember her saying that he hurt his back. I got here and it’s the same story. He does not work and is the most lazy human being I have ever met. I swear he is a drug dealer or something. It is not adding up.

This place is a legit mess and my motto is “I’m doing what I can with what I have.” I realize that everyone has different standards for cleanliness but when someone gives you $250 for a security deposit and then $500 to rent the room for the month–Why in the actual heck did I find a candy wrapper, a pen, a hair tie, cat poop behind my bed? I also went out and bought a hand vacuum little dust buster thing because the amount of just dust and cat food along the molding of my bedroom is UNREAL. I do have my own bathroom but this is another level of filth. Do you know what living in filth does to one’s mentality? AGH it is fucking me up HARDCORE fam. My bedding makes happy though and I went and bought these scent cones that I had at home which is the same scent as my fabric spray. You know the stuff that makes you feel at home? Yea, trying to fill myself with those things ❤

FL Bed

Now that it is Thursday and I went on the cleaning rampage on Tuesday, I am feeling a little bit better. I try and get out for a good chunk of the day. My first full day here I went to explore the Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve and tried running a little over a mile on the boardwalk but later found out you’re not supposed to run on it. WOOPS. Going to try and explore more parks and get more runs in over the next few days here. I went back to Weight Watchers this morning and feel really good about that and tracking today.

6 mile cypress preserve

I did finally empty out my car as well and I have been getting familiar with the area. Exploring has allowed me to figure out where I would like to live and I have looked at 6-7 places the past two days. I am living in Lehigh Acres right now which is about 20-25 outside of Fort Myers so if I go and do anything in civilization, I make sure I do what I need to do before heading home. Gosh that makes me sound crazy but I’m used to like my 7 minute work and gym radius back home. I know I will feel better when I move closer to the things that I like to do.


The end of the blog brings me to MINDSET and how much I have evolved since the last time I did this in Charlotte. I shared a little about this on my Insta live earlier today but when I moved to Charlotte and shit went down I was crying like everyday. I am happy to report that I did not cry yesterday or today and I am super proud of that. IT IS NOT EASY TO MOVE TO A NEW PLACE FAM. Yes I have done it before but Florida is FAR. Like over 1,100 miles FAR. Anywayssss today this leasing consultant asked me if I had any friends or family here and I was like well I have one friend from social media but we have not met yet HAHA.

I just keep telling myself that this beginning stage is the legit hardest and if I can make it through the hardest part: not having many friends, not loving where I live, not having a paycheck, etc. THE REST WILL BE CAKE. Because what I do have right now is all of you on social media. I have the ability to go OUT and make new friends. I have a roof over my head, a shower, food, a car, etc. Once you add up all that you DO have. It’s not that bad.

BUTTTT I can NOT wait to look back on this moment in a few months and laugh and be like, “hey, remember when you lived at Dr. Dolittle’s?” And then I can just laugh until I cry about what a joke this situation is at the moment. I realize that this is just a blimp in time and I just need to make it through ONE day at a time and then once all the days add up I will look back and be like WHOA you made it through THAT. I am just filling my time and days with doing things that make me happy. Trying to establish some what of a routine and making it similar to what I would do at home. First step was getting back to Weight Watchers this morning. Next step is getting back into an exercise routine. So now that it is almost 1AM, I want to get up and go run at this Lakes Park tomorrow and then find me an acai bowl. (I already have it all mapped out) Maybe look at more apartments? Apply to the one I want? I may or may not have already put myself up on Bumble and I may or may not have a pizza and bowling date tomorrow night 😉 ARE WE SURPRISED? MAKIN ALL DA DAMN MOVES FAM ❤ Until next time! If you read this far…#bless!
struggle quote

Know your worth.

It sounds SO cliche. 


But this quote is so so true! ❤

I guess it just took me getting UNINVITED to a wedding to realize I was handing out more discounts than I realized.

How does one get uninvited to a wedding one might ask?

Well a BOY asks you to a wedding then said boy SNAPCHATS YOU that you are UNINVITED. No, doesn’t pick up the phone or call or ask to meet you in person.

He decides to take a “friend” who was really “important” to the bride but some how was never invited in the first place. Sounds like a super “important” friend to me. I know how weddings work. People don’t just forget to invite someone so so important. SMH. If the bride wanted her there, she would have been there.

When he invited me in the first place he was super kind in stating that he had a hotel room but promised me no funny business and he would sleep on the floor.

So now I’m supposed to be okay with you sharing a room with this “friend?” I THINK NOT.

We discussed this and his response was, “I didn’t say I was sharing a room with her.” BUT at the same time my response was, “You didn’t say that you weren’t ya know?”

I jokingly said that he owed me for this. I had to return my dress. Got my nails done for the occasion. PICKED SUPER BORING FRENCH MANICURE NAILS BY THE WAY Etc. I truly think any gentleman would have said, “Hey Chelsea, I know this is super unfortunate but this friend really wants to be there and I feel bad–let me make it up to you, let me take you to dinner or we will plan another date day.”

NOPE. NOTHING. All I got was an “Lol. Ok.” *INSERT EYE ROLL*

Not to mention he told me that I could hate him and never talk to him again because of this. (Way to take the easy way out) Well I gladly accepted that invite, NO PROBLEM.

We texted a little bit after because I wanted honesty. This girl just like didn’t come out of the wood work. After that he stated that he felt he wasn’t the prince charming I was looking for. TOTAL COP OUT AGAIN.

Like if you don’t want to pursue each other anymore JUST SAY THAT.

I’m not looking for prince charming. I just want honesty. THE END.


I NEEDED to get uninvited to this wedding.

Call me crazy but it was a HUGE wake up call. A wake up call I never knew I needed.

This BOY and I have been talking for MONTHS. I really liked him which is the unfortunate part. (Looking back, not sure why I wasted so much time) Cause ya know it would have been easier if I was apathetic and just didn’t care or have feelings. SIGH. He said he wanted to take things slow…well this was like slower than a sloth in peanut butter, slow.


Anyways. This entire situation made me realize I desire more.

I deserve more. I don’t say that from entitlement. I say that from the fact that I know I have something special to offer.

I was accepting the BARE minimum.

I am worth more than being dumped from a wedding invite via snapchat.

I am worth more than hanging out every three weeks. 

I am worth more than the 1AM snapchats asking if he can come over.

I am worth going out on real dates.

I am worth adventures.

I am worth more than the bullshit excuse of working the next morning and missing a concert we both wanted to go to. Are you a grandpa? It’s one day. Get a coffee. Chug a Redbull and come home and take a nap. I JUST CAN’T.

I had a bit of a sob fest the night that I was uninvited. I also drank a bit too much last night. I was feeling real sorry for myself.

But I kind of had an epiphany this morning that I NEED to be clear on what I WANT and that starts with remembering my WORTH.

I set intentions for my health and fitness goals, half-marathon training, business goals, etc–so why should what I look for in a potential partner be any different?

I know that I will find someone who wants to take adventures.

Someone who doesn’t make excuses.

Someone who says YES life is too short let’s live it up!

Someone who wants to take me out instead of the 1am snapchat booty call. (I did call him out on that which is why he stated that even though he got a hotel room there would be no funny business.)

I am most certainly worth someone’s EFFORT and TIME more than once every three weeks.

But I was kind of in a fog and lost the belief in myself for a little bit. But if I don’t believe in me–who the HECK else is going to believe in me?

So I’m putting my foot down.

I shut the door on some other bullshit too last night. Can’t go into those details but it feels good to stand up for yourself and your happiness.

Never ever settle. Know your worth loves ❤






Up & Up


I have been meaning to write a blog post since moving home from Charlotte (I can’t believe I didn’t even write when I was there! I’m pretty sure live FB videos win over a blog so if you saw all of those, bless you!) BUT I’ve been really busy with the move and adjusting to life at home. It’s officially been ONE WEEK AND 5 DAYS BACK IN BUFFALO!

First things first, I HAVE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER TO BE HOME! Which is crazy for me to type and comprehend as I was super pumped about this change when the teaching job and move to Charlotte was finalized in June….

Secondly, I need this tattooed on my forehead–“Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know before you learned it.” But FOR REAL, I beat myself up DAILY for quitting. Giving up. Throwing in the towel. However, you want to label it. I STILL feel the most bad for my students because they are innocent and did nothing wrong but were impacted the most by me quitting. I had parents tell me that they are young and resilient but that still didn’t lessen the wound for me.

I have to keep reminding myself that I made the decision to quit on the sole purpose that I was unhappy. I was so very tired of being knocked down time and time again between school, roommate issues and battling homesickness. Enough was enough. For those of you that are friends with me on FB, you can attest to my updates, lol!

The synopsis of the whole journey is that I know what I stand for and what I believe in and I was tired of being jerked around in more ways than one….

I applied June 16th for my license and it was STILL pending when I quit. During the first week that I was in Charlotte when I visited my principal, I was told that I would be paid as a sub because of said pending certification. But I emailed the HR director a very well-thought out e-mail about how I made the long trek to Buffalo in my little car, took the seats out, my life was in storage, etc. etc. I didn’t include this in the e-mail BUT if I wanted to sub, I could have stayed put in Buffalo. Mind you–she never responded in e-mail and neither did my principal.Anyways, she called me when I was at Coach Summit in Nashville a few days later with the great news that I would be able to submit a screenshot of my pending certification and be all set to be paid as a certified teacher. (I MEAN HELLO–I taught in NC before!!) My friends in Nashville bought me drinks that night, we all celebrated the good news!

Then I came home to Charlotte and started attending the training. Naturally on the second day of training my name was read off a list and I was told to meet in the back of the room. (BAD KID ALERT) There were a few teachers who stood in the bad kid circle and I knew what was happening. My heart was in my throat and I could tell it wasn’t good. They were going to take back the certification pay. I thought I was going to throw up. Now to some people in the circle, they had spouses who had high paying jobs and it was optional for them to even go to work. Not for this girl, I moved my whole life just me–myself–and I for this job to Charlotte. I was already IN THE HOLE from moving people! I cried a lot. The entire drive home. Sorry for those who saw on snap, lol. Contemplated skipping the next day. Skipping the rest of the week. Packing up right then and there. Looking back, I should have done it.

However, a voice inside me told me to stick it out and just count on the fact that my certification had to come through eventually, right?! I mean they were going to back pay me one my certification came in and I would survive. I mean shit, I just bought my first ever brand new big girl bed counting on this teaching salary but sure I’ll get paid as a sub! (Insert sarcastic eye-roll here)

Well as the weeks went on, the expectations at school, dealing with that crazy roommate and homesickness–everything just kept building and building. I woke up with such a heavy weight on my chest–EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I was beyond miserable, I pressed snooze about 16 times, was lucky if I showed up at work showered and in my uniform. I counted down the hours during the day in my classroom, went to bed miserable, dreaded grading, dreaded weekends of lesson planning. I found very little joy in daily life. I mean sure my kids gave me a sense of purpose but that was always faded by the insane expectations at school. I could have pushed on but being away from everything I knew and what made me happy was in Buffalo. My only saving grace were a few work friends, my runs on the greenway and knowing I could nap when I got home–that is not a lie.

I found myself asking, “At what point, do you sacrifice so much of your happiness and quality of life for a job?” FOR REAL–When do you say enough is enough? I think I said this already lol–I was getting iced coffees and bagels every damn morning out of exhaustion. I was equally exhausted and miserable after work that I couldn’t bring myself to do anything but sleep. I had ZERO ambition to be up any earlier than I needed to. I was slowly unraveling and becoming EVERYTHING I didn’t want to–FOR A JOB. This wasn’t me. I couldn’t live this life any longer and I made the change. Sure it was uncomfortable and cost more money to move home I personally believe in my heart that happiness has no price.

Now that I’m home, I’m turning a new leaf. I’m spending time focusing on me. I am finally back into a routine at home–EVERY.SINGLE.DAY this week, I have chugged my energize (preworkout) and gotten up to workout. Sure, there are days I would rather sleep but I know I need a good workout and there is no negativity of a job impacting my functionality. I then make my Shakeology right after. No excuses.

I job search, apply to said jobs, find time for family, friends and the things that make me happy. I went to a puppy class with my mom last night with Willow and it was adorable! I met some of my team out for drinks last night (I did not have any, I must report!) I also met a friend for lunch today who I knew solely from the gym and then we connected on Instagram. Then decided to get my nails done. Because why not? I am also thrilled to report that I have an interview on Monday for a special education position!!

Things are on the up and up my friends. Update soon.<3


Decisions, Decisions

From the Teacher’s Desk–

“The right decisions are always the hardest to make. But they must be made in order to live the life you deserve.”

Another blog that is NOT fitness related? Who am I anymore? Gosh, lots of BIG changes happening lately and I want to share my thought process behind it all with all of you! Yes, it’s a long one and no I’m not sorry!

If you did not know, I am a NYS certified childhood and special education teacher. I also taught second grade in Louisburg, NC (closest to Raleigh) from August 2012 to June 2013. BUT after that year of teaching I thought that teaching just wasn’t for me. I mean it could have been that my boyfriend at the time broke up with me before the first day of school. It could have been that I also threw up in front of my class three times on the first day of school. It could have been that I felt super homesick that entire year. It could have been that I had no idea who I was and found myself over the last three years.(If I could go back and slap myself I would. Not for puking but for quitting after a year.)

So at the end of the school year, I was on my way back to Buffalo to obtain my Master’s in College Student Personnel Administration which then led me to a lot of homework, paper writing and then working my desk job at a college in an office for the next almost 3 years.

Fast forward to this past spring, I just got this feeling in my gut that I was no longer meant to sit in an office from 9-5 completing the same tasks day in and day out. I tried to weigh what made me feel the way that I did and after awhile I discovered that I felt more like a paper pusher. My work became very systematic. Student visits for reason X, I complete task Y for them, I schedule X service, send Y e-mail etc. I knew that for some students at the college, I made a difference BUT at the end of the day I felt a much larger calling.

Where in my life have I previously felt that I made a difference?

When did I feel that my work was purposeful?

When did I feel fulfilled?

What inspires me to grow and be better?

All of those questions brought me back to a somewhat seemingly simple answer-



Okay, we figured out the problem so now what? What is the action plan? It’s SPRING in Buffalo. It’s not exactly like teaching jobs are a hot commodity around here. I knew I did not want to go back to substitute teaching, whether it be daily or long-term. I also knew I did not want to spend five years proving myself in a district. I knew I wanted my own classroom RIGHT NOW. Okay, so that settles WHAT I want to do.

But WHERE? I knew that I LOVED LOVED living in North Carolina, I knew when I pulled away from my apartment sobbing like a baby back in August 2013 that I would be back. I had this gut feeling. I loved the constant new growth and opportunities in North Carolina. Raleigh was so very beautiful and I loved that I could also run outside in February and it wasn’t a blizzard. I also didn’t mind that whole snow day thing at even the threat of freezing rain in the forecast 😉 I just didn’t LOVE the location of the school I taught at. (Funny enough, I saw on Timehop yesterday a FB status about making the final 54 mile round-trip on the final day of school) I could for sure, just try a different area in North Carolina. The entire state was not off the table after one bad teaching experience, that’s for sure!

Now the fun part-the job search. I downloaded every possible job searching app. I became the job searching queen (If there even is such a thing, I now have the title) Indeed was my best friend. Glassdoor and I had several lunch dates. Craigslist and I met over dinner. IT WAS A FULL-TIME JOB. I wouldn’t let a day go by without applying SOMEWHERE.

job search meme

I felt pretty good about applying to Wake County which was a county over from where I previously taught. HOWEVER-I did not anticipate a hiring freeze. I figured my next best bet would be private schools and charter schools. AND YOUR GIRL IS IMPATIENT! Thus, I stumbled upon a company called Charter Schools USA. I saw they had several locations in North Carolina and they were expanding and building new schools throughout the state. I figured it was a long shot because charter schools are highly selective but if I didn’t take the leap–I would never know.

While I’m applying to teaching jobs, I also wanted to leave my desk job sooner rather than later but with teaching jobs not starting until early August, I wanted to find something to do during the summer. I really could not stick it out all summer. I would feel bad leading students and my staff on–planning things for the upcoming semester and it would make more sense for someone else to be able to start the semester off fresh. Ya feel me?

So I landed a job at a summer camp in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts (not a clue as to how) and I was PUMPED. But the conflict I KEPT running into was the fact that camp went from June 14th-August 14th. The current teaching jobs I had applied to and lined up interviews for began very early August. Sure, I had some options like leave summer camp early and lose out on the extra $1,000 at the end of the summer. Yes, that was possible BUT at the same time, I didn’t have someone to take my apartment and June 14th was coming fast. I WAS TORN. WHAT A MESS. There were days where I wanted to crawl out of my skin because I just wanted a sign about what to do. There were days I contemplated going to a psychic so she could just tell me what to do. There were days that getting out of bed seemed impossible because that meant another day behind me and another day approaching too fast on my deadline of making a decision.

I decided to keep pressing on regardless of the fact that my lease for my apartment wasn’t up until September. Regardless of the fact that I had not put in my two week notice at my current job and regardless of the fact that I did NOT have a teaching job lined up for the fall yet. My plan was to get rid of my apartment, go to the summer camp, keep pursuing the teaching interviews I had lined up and continue to apply like crazy in the meantime. I kept telling myself that “Adventure is out there” and “You only live once.”

In order to make this summer camp thing happen I posted my apartment to Craigslist and Facebook like crazy (Thanks to all who dealt with that and shared it!) Spoiler alert: I am officially moving out July 1st. THANK GOODNESS. What. a. process. The real estate world/landlord life is not for me. I mean duh, we’re going back to teaching here but you know what I mean 😉

Back to Charter Schools USA. I had two phone interviews. One on May 13th with a school in Indian Trail (25 minutes outside of Charlotte) and then another one with a school in Iredell County (don’t remember the date) I was told during that first phone interview on the 13th that there would be a Skype interview and then an in person interview over the summer. GREAT–HOW was I going to swing that with summer camp? AGH! Alright, I told myself that I would just figure out these situations as they come. No point in stressing about the future.

Meanwhile, I also had an interview for an elementary school in Glades County, Florida all because my friend Mary has been following my weightloss journey. (Or so I think, ha!) Legit, she liked my luvtobfitness page and we messaged jokingly about how I should teach in Florida. I don’t know when or how it came up but fast forward a few months and I’m on the phone with her principal and assistant principal about a 4th grade writing position. They offered it to me a week after our phone interview because the position had to be approved by the board. (Did I mention I’m impatient?!) However, I knew that I wanted to teach a younger grade level and I did not want to teach in a trailer or teach the same subject all day long and another big factor to consider was the salary. As much as everyone says it’s not about the money–well when you’re moving your life around for a teaching job, salary is HUGE to me. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel that I was meant to go to Florida. The school came back and offered me a third grade position in an actual classroom in the physical building but I just knew I wanted to pursue other avenues. I felt bad, I felt guilty. But I also told myself that I wasn’t going to settle and I had my heart set on North Carolina.


May 27th I put my two weeks in at my desk job because in my mind the summer camp was still a thing and I knew I had to be in MA on June 14th. Yes, I still really wanted a full-time teaching job but I could not put off putting in my two weeks any longer. I needed to be done on June 10th in order to be at camp on the 14th. The clock was ticking and my stress level was rising!

June 2nd I Skyped with the principal for the BRAND NEW charter school in Indian Trail. The crazy part about this was I almost canceled the interview, I doubted myself SO SO much. HOWEVER–I felt so PUMPED UP after that Skype interview. (I turned down the second interview for the school in Iredell County because I researched the area and it was way too rural for me!) I shared that my grade-level preference would be second grade. She shared the opportunities within the school as far as professional development, paid tutoring, commission for running a club (she even mentioned running club, UM HELLO PERFECT!) I truly felt like she got me and I got her. I wanted to kick myself though because I didn’t put my phone on Do Not Disturb and IT RANG THROUGH MY COMPUTER DURING MY INTERVIEW. It was so so bad. I brushed it off and apologized. At the end, she asked me about a timeline as far as needing a response (Because hi, I still had summer camp on the brain and I felt like I was going to have to cancel on them with how good the interview was going.) I mentioned that I would need to know by early next week and she said, “Well I was thinking tomorrow.” (Insert very shocked face) AND to think that I almost canceled…still blows my mind!

Sooooooo…….on June 3rd (FELT LIKE THE LONGEST DAY IN THE WORLD) the principal called me offering me a third grade position. I WAS OVER THE MOON ECSTATIC! This school was everything I wanted! You truly can’t turn down a brand new school, third grade and the salary is so much more than I anticipated. Not to mention, they are recognizing my Master’s (paying me more for it) AND paying me for my year of teaching experience. I couldn’t ask for anything more! Here is my principal standing outside the school TODAY! (see I told you it’s being built, lol) I start on August 8th and the students come August 29th!


The summer camp was very upset and understandably so but I couldn’t justify putting my teaching career on hold for a 7 week summer camp. They asked if I could leave August 1st and without having my apartment rented out or having my stuff moved home, no place to live yet in NC, I couldn’t justify that. They were super rude and I know everything happens for a reason.

I may be saving money like crazy and selling my life away, (can’t wait to write my next blog about my thrifty tips and adventures!) picking up some babysitting jobs here and there because I left my desk job almost a week ago now. PSA– If you want to buy any of my furniture or want me to watch your children, I would love to be of service to you! 😉 Sure, I could have stayed at my desk job longer but for my own mental health, I really just couldn’t do it anymore. I have been so blessed to just gather my thoughts during this week alone. I feel like a new woman! I may also not have a place to live yet and I do have to live at home for a month but I am planning a trip to visit Charlotte in the middle of July. There are many things that I was scared of while taking this leap. I am still scared. BUT I am a big proponent of the phrase,

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

At the end of the day, what I learned the most about this decision making process and seemingly endless job search is that I am so very thankful for my previous experience in North Carolina. It taught me the important questions to ask in an interview, what to look for in the school, administration and now what to look for as far as where I want to live. I also learned that, “You should never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” If you want something bad enough, you have to go after it no matter how muddy the fine details may seem. I know that everything will sort itself out in due time. I feel so very blessed to have landed this job, move out of my apartment, and now it’s that exciting time to plan the big move to Charlotte!

Special shoutout to all my friends, family  and coworkers who spent countless hours FB messaging me, texting, listening to me on the phone, etc. I couldn’t have done it without all of you! ❤

Charlotte better be ready for Miss Miller and her wise owls! 😉


Not your typical Wednesday

So this isn’t one of my typical uplifting and inspiring weight loss journey blog posts. If that’s what you were looking for today, sorry to disappoint but this post is a little different and I’m really hoping that it’s going to help me heal. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself…it’s just really fu*king hard. Plan and simple. You truly think of your biggest fear and convince yourself that it can’t possibly happen to you but then it does and you’re forever changed….


This past Wednesday morning, if you had told me that later that night there would be 7 police officers in my apartment, I wouldn’t believe you BUT unfortunately that’s what happened…

I went to bed Tuesday night with the window open as it has been unusually warm for Buffalo, NY in March. I mean don’t we all enjoy fresh air once in awhile after being closed in all winter?! Well Wednesday morning I awoke and got ready with my bedroom window still open and decided to open a window out in the living room. (I recently moved into this apartment last September and thought to myself that in my previous apartment since I lived upstairs I could leave the windows open during the day and didn’t have to worry about anything.) I have chills as I type this because I literally thought to myself, “I wonder how it’s going to be living on the first floor. I should close and lock the windows any time I leave.” So before I left and went about my day. I closed and locked the windows (so I thought) little did I know later that night I would have a real CLEAR answer to this pondered thought….


It was about 10:20pm, I was laying on my bed in a towel, my back to the (what I thought was locked) window, WITH THE LIGHT ON–just texting a friend (I had been putting off a shower since about 10) and I heard what I thought was the wind against my window. I thought, “Hmm..that sounds a bit more forceful than normal and it’s only on one window. Let’s not stress yet.” Now, I watch enough Dateline and 48 Hours mystery to scare myself to the point that I run upstairs from doing laundry in the dark basement on a weekly basis fearful someone is going to grab my ankles from under the stairs. (I wish I was joking) I figured I was just hearing things because I can really get myself worked up over nothing but once I started to hear the air outside suddenly on the inside–I began to question myself. “Did I really shut and lock the window this morning? Well if you didn’t, you’ve been laying here for twenty minutes and you would have certainly heard the wind before that.” My gut told me to run.

I grabbed my phone and ran out into the living room near the door as the noise got worse and louder. I kept my eyes locked on that window and as soon as I saw three of the blind panels move towards the bottom, something I KNOW the wind could not possibly do–I screamed “HELLO?!” then I called 911 on speakerphone without even flinching. It seemed like forever trying to spit out my address and explain what was going on. I don’t even know what I talked to the dispatcher about. He asked me where they were coming in and what window of what room and you know basic things but in a panic stricken state those questions were SO DAMN HARD. Spoiler alert-I freeze in traumatic situations. I can not tell a lie. If you need help in an emergency I’m seriously the last person to call. Well I think it’s only when I’m involved so you maybe okay BUT it’s like everything shuts down. Now, ask me why I screamed “HELLO” to said burglar of all things, I’m not really sure. Like was I inviting him in for some tea? Seeing if he wanted to come in? I mean clearly I was feeling some Adele in the moment. (but for real, no idea) Why I didn’t just let them come in so they could get caught and then run into the basement, I don’t know either-oh yeah maybe because we don’t let burglars in?! (I think it also had something to do with me being in a towel)

Pretty soon after the dispatcher walked me through how to go get the clothes out of my bedroom and get dressed through my hysterical sobs, the police showed up. There were about 7 officers, no lie. They came flying in–checking closets, opening doors, flashlights everywhere. I assured them I had been home for about 3 hours and I knew there was nobody else inside (I get protocol, I do.) At this point I hadn’t touched the blinds or window. However, as soon as an officer opened the blinds and revealed that the screen was up as well as the window–I KNEW for sure I did NOT do that and that’s when I truly felt violated. It’s like I knew there was something on the other side of the window when I was laying on my bed but as soon as that blind was lifted and I saw it–I truly felt the world crashing down on me.

windowThat validation of actually SEEING the window was two fold-it told me I wasn’t crazy as I knew I didn’t touch the window while at the same time I felt so very hurt and angry I left the window open but mostly scared. The officers asked me if I had any crazy ex-boyfriends or knew anyone involved with drugs. Nope and nope. I truly believe someone had to be on drugs to try and break in with a light on in the living room AND in my bedroom. I think my favorite question was when the police asked me if I saw who it was–LIKE FOR REAL–running towards the window to find out who the burglar was–NOT on my top list of priorities right now. #sorrynotsorry Again, I know there are certain questions they need to ask but I’m actually super glad the blinds were down so I couldn’t see!

So much was running through my head, so many questions, so few answers. What I do know is that I was shaking and the police probably thought I was nuts when I apologized for my messy apartment. I mean we don’t all prepare our apartments for a burglary? I was mortified with my dirty gym clothes all over the floor and other items a stray. However, they assured me that my apartment was one of the cleanest they have seen so I figured if it got the Buffalo police stamp of approval, I passed with flying colors, ha!

When the police officers were outside doing their thing, my neighbors came down from upstairs with a glass of water and offered me some chocolate, that was super sweet. (Them offering, not the chocolate. I couldn’t even eat if you paid me.) I was shaking so bad I couldn’t even drink it. I took a few sips, choked because I couldn’t calm down and then dumped the rest. I couldn’t even wash their dish, I apologized I was like “I would wash this but I’m shaking so bad, I’d probably break it.” They chuckled but I was being serious.

The officers shared that there were a string of these in the area and the detective was going to come out. Great. This was good and bad. I really wanted a shower which was my goal about an hour ago. I was starving because #adrenaline. So the officers and I waited about 45 minutes for the detective to come and do the fingerprints. An officer came back to the door and asked me if I ever saw a 5 gallon bucket outside before–I asked him “like the garbage cans?!” I couldn’t find any shoes so I ran outside barefoot and I was at first upset when I saw the screen opened and the window opened. The thought of someone else’s fingers wrapped around my window and entering my bedroom was nauseating enough. BUT I was REAL upset when I saw that someone KNEW they had to obtain a bucket in order to reach the window. I mean they have to put effort into finding a bucket. I really hope their fingerprints are all over that. The police told me it would take a few weeks for the fingerprints to come back but I truly don’t think I will hear anything.

I am forever changed because of this. I will truly never be the same. Once someone invades your space, in such an unwelcoming and violating way, it’s pretty impossible to let it go. The sting burns a little less each day but I just keep telling myself that it could always have been worse. It doesn’t negate what happened. It just makes it hurt just a little bit less and that’s what I need right now. I tell myself I could have been in the shower. I could have came out and found someone in my bedroom while I was in a towel and they could have had a weapon and freaked out and shot me. I could have seen who it was and been left with that image in my mind forever as now I really have no idea who it was. I could have not been home. I could have been sleeping. I could have been in the basement switching laundry. There are one million “could haves.” Thus, there is always something to be thankful for, regardless of how it happened. I’m just feeling blessed to be alive.


Unfortunately, at the same time when something like this happens at home, there is no escape. You truly never think it could happen to you. You see it on TV. You never know how to handle it when it happens to you… If you’re in a car accident, you can get a new car or drive home a different way, choose to not return to the scene. My traumatic kayaking accident (few posts back)–I can CHOOSE not to go kayaking ever again (which I have) I am removed from the location of where that happened. I never have to go back to Churchville, again if I don’t want to. But when you live WHERE it happened, there is no escaping that–especially in your bedroom. You replay the sounds, what you saw and it’s right THERE. I sleep with my back towards the window. I flinch at every noise. My own heartbeat and breathing almost startles me. The TV/radio/audiobook are almost constantly on. Sirens make me flinch. I can’t even look at the window that was opened. Showering home alone exhausts me. It’s my toughest chore, takes all of my emotional energy. I can’t even close my eyes when washing my face and rinsing my hair. There is also a window in my shower (super cool idea, right?) I used to open it from the top for steam purposes because I don’t have a fan in my bathroom. FORGET THAT. I have always had to shower the the door and window a jar but now I just use the door. Any shadowy figures outside, I can see through the window. It really screws with me. I may get another shower curtain just to cover the damn thing. Also, forget going in the basement when it’s dark out. I can’t even bring myself to do laundry at night. I sleep with the lights on. Not that that deters anyone now a days or anything…

This morning while listening to “You Are A Badass” there was a chapter about not letting fear control us. (How perfect) So I’m working super hard on that and not letting my brain win. Last week I didn’t workout ONCE in the morning, are a bunch of bad shit and threw myself a pity party. I’m not proud if that. I have to talk myself down from jumping to conclusions about a lot of sounds, obsessively locking things before I leave, fearful, racing thoughts before bed, fearful thoughts first walking in my apartment, etc. However, only a week after the incident it is much easier said than done.

A huge, huge thank you to first the police officers who took me seriously. If I could kiss you, I would! Second to those who have opened their hearts and told me about their own experiences. My heart breaks for those who have been held at gun point or their houses actually torn apart. I am super thankful I was able to stop it in time. I also appreciate those who offered for me to stay with them and to come stay with me. To those who have allowed me to vent, tell my story, listen, cry and help in this healing process–you are all beautiful people and you’ve helped more than you know. Always lock your windows and listen to your gut. ❤

The Calculator


Something I’ve always struggled with is letting the negative and nasty comments of others define how I feel about myself. (SO GUILTY!) How many of us have done that though? Raise your hand! Don’t leave me alone in this, raise them up!

Most recently, I shared very publicly on social media a message from  someone on a dating website–my response is in blue 🙂 12232905_10156298385140297_6781713292635362687_o (1)

In the past, I would have cried all day long. All weekend long. I wouldn’t have even answered. I would have hid in the shell of my body and let him walk all over me. But now I am above that. Now I have control. Now I am strong enough to have a say. Some may argue that I shouldn’t have even responded. I disagree. Being silent would have let him win and I’ve worked way too damn hard to let that happen. He totally deserved that!

I can also remember when a Canisius employee asked me when I was due during my junior year of college–actually if I was having twins. Not to mention the comment my second-grader made that started this lifestyle change for me. (That had a positive outcome) All of those comments have an impact. They sting. Salt in the wound. BUT–

The instances and comments don’t even matter to me anymore it’s all in the learning how to react to them that does. I found this quote recently

self worth

I want it tattooed on my forehead actually. No for real. Just stop. Pause. Think about it. “If you want to IMPROVE your self-worth stop giving other people the calculator.” HOW GENIUS IS THAT? It went off in my brain like a light-bulb, a spark, a firework, whatever, something explosive! Universes colliding! It’s so so true!

WHY IN THE WORLD was I going to let someone else’s comment about my appearance define me?!

 self worth 2

Thinking about it now, I ask myself, “What do they know?” “They don’t even know me.They have no idea what I’ve been through.” So why why why give that person the time of day let alone allow that person to impact your value. (See amazing quote above) Seriously though, the people that say these mean things to us like, “Oh, do you need that second cookie?” “You look heavy to me.” GREAT. Is it your body? NO. You have ZERO say. There is clearly something wrong with YOU. Something YOU are struggling with and you don’t need to dump that issue into my lap. Thanks.

But for real. The idea for this blog also stemmed from a podcast from Chalene Johnson that was titled, “Never Call a Kid Fat.” It’s really good so I had to post it here! Go listen or read the transcript! —Never Call A Kid Fat

Basically, what I took from that podcast is that WE ARE THE ROLE MODELS. Children or not–we must DO BETTER. Once a comment is made to a child about their body image it stays with them FOR LIFE. They bury it deep inside of themselves, letting it eat away at their soul. Hello, someone made a comment to me when I was younger. IT HAPPENS.

At the same time, we also need to treat ourselves better. We need to know our own worth and realize that we are beautiful and capable of GREAT things! Know who you are, stand your ground and don’t let anyone dull your sparkle. That’s my new motto! 🙂 I am planning to create a Facebook page around this idea of positive self-talk, body image and embracing ourselves for who we are. It’s going to be epic and I can’t wait for you to join in the movement! ❤ Dream Big. Get Fit. Love you all!

I am awesome