From the teacher’s desk

me in front of roomHow is it that I left NY exactly one month ago today?! I can’t believe that! I still am so so happy with how the trip down here went: the fact that I was able to break it up AND visit my very good friend Taffy. Yes, people ask me all the time. That is her real name 🙂 I hope to fly back and see her again some time soon. ❤ That was literally the best weekend in a long long time and I now know that Charlotte may not have worked out with the charter school BUT I was meant to find her even if we were only coworkers for a month, haha!

My living situation is still the same, I wrote a post on Insta this AM (@chelsearunshappy) about how I can’t really do anything until pay day or figure out what the game plan is until then so I’m just doing what I can with what I have until then 🙂 At least that’s my new MO and what I keep telling myself! 🙂


I did check my horoscope today well I do most days but this quote stuck out to me,

But life may place you on your knees now so that you can understand that receiving means being an equal.

I’m not TOTALLY on my knees because I am blessed to have a roof over my head and running water and access to food which there are people in this world who are not that fortunate.

I do find myself getting homesick here and there on the weekends, or if I’m driving and a song or something triggers me, I’ll tear up for 2.2 seconds but don’t let myself stay there LONG. Last Saturday was my first big crying fit/mental breakdown but then I realized it was just that time of the month so we good now! 🙂 I knew I wasn’t a weak ass bitch, LOL!

I try and fill my time with going to the gym, spin, driving to Fort Myers (I live 30 minutes outside of Fort Myers in the boonies AKA Lehigh Acres) Today for example, I lounged around this morning, went to the gym, brought stuff to shower and now I have been sitting at Starbucks for 2 hours 🙂 It just makes more sense that way instead of driving home then driving back out….

Yesterday was the first day of school WOOP WOOP!! But I have been in my classroom for over two weeks and attending all the trainings! I wanted to show you all some before and after pics of my classroom, first! I swear all I have done since I moved here is cleaned and organized or well that’s all I’ve been doing since June but I know the end is near and everything will be the way I want it 100 very very soon!

Here are some before pics:


back wall



unnamed copy




I think there needs to be a TV show: HOARDERS: Teacher edition: I am attached to everything and forgot the internet existed. I found curriculum books from WAY before I was born. We are talking like 1970s. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF PINTEREST or TPT? I mean we have a curriculum but that has extensive resources as well and I’ll get cut if I use pinterest or TPT (not really BAHAHA) BUT the things I found, my mind is blown!

Here are some updates and progress!





reading corner



outside name tags

After yesterday, I can tell there is one who is going to give me a run for my money but there is always one, am I right?! LOL. I already know what seats I need to move Monday morning but I actually knew that within the first two hours. #notsorry Other than that, they are going to be a great group! I have THREE chatty boys. I can see exactly where they sit and we are gonna squash that on Monday REAL quick. I also am going to make a new behavioral chart because we do have a system in place at school, we give students school money as a reward system but I am going to go back to what worked for me in Raleigh. A sample of what I am thinking about is below 🙂


I’m also blessed to be part of an amazing team and it’s safe to say I made some new friends! After the first day of school yesterday we went and got some Mexican ice cream with their kids and it was a great social thing for me to do. It sounds silly but I could have easily gone home after a long first day, so glad I decided to stick around. I’m excited to get the year rolling and moving within the next month is the goal! Oh also going to T Swift next weekend and my birthday is coming up on the 22nd too! EXCITING THINGS AHEAD ❤ Thanks for your continued support on my journey fam! ❤