I can’t believe that this is finally a thing!!

I’m so so happy that you’re here and I hope that you LOVED #DOTHEDAMNTHING webinar and something resonated with you that made you want to take it to the NEXT LEVEL.


I know that you are ready to drop the mother fucking excuses.

You’re ready to be the best version of yourself. 

You’ve been slacking and you want to get back into a routine. 

You want to get out of your funk, you feel as if depression and anxiety are taking over and eating you alive. ( I want you to get out of your funk too!)

You want to be an active member of the best community. (Wow someone actually said that, HONORED)

You’re lacking motivation and you want to get fit and stay on track!

You genuinely WANT to live a healthier lifestyle.

You want to love yourself again.

You want to be a healthy momma.

You want motivation.

You voiced that you need guidance, motivation and help.

You feel like getting tips and ideas from someone else might help you to be more focused and to lose this weight.

You want to get past f.e.a.r.

You want to get past the excuses and live a healthier lifestyle.

You want to get over your own bull-story.

*These were all actual reasons submitted by women who wanted to DO THE DAMN THING webinar**

I GET ALL OF IT. I AM HERE FOR ALL OF IT. I know it sounds so so cliche but it’s true! The reason I created this is because I have so been in your shoes and in the beginning it felt like I could never make it to where I am today. It all felt impossible, overwhelming and scary.

I want to help you realize that you are more capable than you think. You can do hard things. You can get over your excuses. You can get past the fear. You deserve to FEEL your best self and to be the happiest version of YOU.

Doing the DAMN THING can literally be anything your heart desires. Okay besides taming a fire-breathing dragon because I just don’t think I could coach ya through that except maybe buy a fire-extinguisher 😉

I am so extremely passionate about punching fear in the face, getting over your bullshit excuses and living life without apology that I created:




Yes, you heard that correctly!

Again, the damn thing is whatever you want it to be-you don’t have to be on a weightloss journey. If you want to finally go for that promotion or move to another state, I am here for it. That voice in the back of your head that tells you you should just go for it, we gon’ work through that.

We will uncover your bullshit excuses and give you the confidence to DO THE DAMN THING through:

*Weekly journal prompts: this is where the DEEP inner work will occur, we are answering the tough questions and taking pen to paper. Let it all flow out girlfriend.


*Unlimited voxer access = instant voice messaging, hello convenience!


*Lifetime access to DO THE DAMN THING community (you will be the founding members of this brand new Facebook group: DO THE DAMN THING-how fun!)


*Weekly group coaching call = discuss what we’re all working on, support, motivate one another and celebrate our successes together


*Weekly 1:1 check ins (facetime, zoom, phone call, whatever!)


I am keeping this SMALL as I want to be able to provide 1:1 attention so I am only accepting EIGHT women and have 7 spots left!


*The first FIVE women to enroll get a FREE 60 minute 1:1 call with me to KICKSTART their DO THE DAMN THING goal into gear! 


We will start DOING THE DAMN THING on Monday, July 8th and the deadline to enroll is SUNDAY July 7th at 11:59PM. 

If you enroll by Wednesday July 3rd at 11:59PM the cost for the month (July 8th-August 8th) is $97. Price INCREASES to $197 for Thursday July 4th and Friday July 5th.

WE KEEPIN’ THE PRICE at $97 all weekend due to Wednesday’s social media MELTDOWN and my technical difficulties!

Can’t wait to DO THE DAMN THING together!