Hello love! So glad you’re here!

Right now, I know that you are fed the EFF up.

Maybe you’re already on a weight loss journey.

Maybe you’ve been telling yourself that you need to kick it up a notch.

Maybe you just need to START.

You look in the mirror and you barely recognize who is looking back at you anymore.

You want to lose the damn weight and you’ve tried everything.

BUT if you’re being honest with yourself–you’ve half-assed it all this time.

I’m guilty for sure!

I know right now it seems so so hard. Daunting.

Like you’re sacrificing too much. You’ll never get there. It seems too far away.

You’ve started over more times than you can count and jumping back in seems impossible.

You’ve showed up more in the drive-thru than in your workouts.

Monday’s motivation is gone by the afternoon and you find yourself at the alcoholic bar instead of the bar at the gym 😉

Not being where you want to be consumes your every thought but yet you’re stuck in the same cycle.

Spoiler alert: It does not have to be that way!

I happen to know a thing or two about weight loss.


I lost 57lbs from 2013-2014, derailed myself for a bit but I decided to get it together since February of this year and I’ve lost 25lbs.

I’m so passionate about doing the damn thing and I’ve had so much success that I want to help YOU.


What I also know from my experience is that weight loss is not linear.

It’s a legit rollercoaster.

If it were easy, everyone would do it.

I also know that it’s hard as HECK to do it alone.

I know that the most successful weight loss happens when you show up no matter what and surround yourself with people who get it.

I’m talking about the people who REALLY get it.

You know-the ones that will support you and pick you up when you fall but also kick you in the ass when you need it 🙂


A 32 day individualized, intensive weight loss program kicking your butt into HIGH gear.

How to move, what to eat, hype music playlists, self-worth work, unlimited access to the level-up community and private 1:1 coaching.


You are actually going to give an F about some sweat 🙂 We are going to find a way for your body to move that you’re actually passionate about instead of dreading. If you already love working out, and you are slaying a program–awesome! You do not have to belong to a gym! We will create a plan together that works for you!


I will create a meal plan for you with convenience in mind because DUH-the most I cook is using the microwave 🙂 You’ll get a grocery list too so you can just get in and out of that grocery store on Sunday (Everyone’s worst nightmare)


You will have instant and unlimited access to our private Facebook community. All of the resources will be housed here! I will do weekly motivational videos, (topics range from goal setting, showing up, pushing through obstacles, meal prep, etc) post all of the inspirational good vibes, others working towards their weight loss goals will be participating in here too!


I mean how are there people out there who workout without some hood rat shit blasting through their earphones is beyond me? SO YOU KNOW I GOT PLAYLISTS ON LOCK FOR YOU!


We can sweat in all of the workouts and meal prep all the food in the grocery store but if you don’t take care of what is going on upstairs–all that work is irrelevant. I got down to 157lbs in 2014 and it meant NOTHING because I didn’t actually LOVE myself or deem myself WORTHY.

Self-care looks and feels different for everyone but I will give you my tips and tools for what has worked for me which includes but is not limited to: weekly journal prompts, meditations, my fav. podcast/stitcher subscriptions, self-help book list, the top people I follow on social media. WHOA. That’s a lot of personal development, YASSSSSS!!!

Private Coaching

I will be there guiding you and supporting you along the way with 1:1 support as we will have a weekly check in 🙂


-5 weeks of support, motivation, inspiration and 1:1 coaching

-Weekly workout schedule tailored to your interests and what works best for your schedule

-Grocery list with meal plan

-Instant and unlimited access to level-up community

(all resources, motivation, support, self worth work will be in the community-contains hype music, all of the personal development tools)

-I will also be in the community participating

-Weekly journal prompt

-Private 1:1 weekly check in

Due to the individual nature of the program:

I am only accepting the first FIVE people

**We start Monday, October 29th. Doors close Friday October 26th at 11:59EST**


Enroll by Tuesday October 23rd 9PM EST-Get a 30 minute discovery call before we start on Monday the 29th

Not sure if this is for you? Email me: chelseanoelmiller@gmail.com

Level Up